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Heating and Air Conditioning Service In St. Cloud and Central Minnesota

Always on time, or you don’t pay a dime.

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Opie’s One Hour not only repairs your furnace and air conditioner so you NEVER go without heat or air, but we also repair any other appliance in your house!

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We go WAY beyond tune-ups by restoring your heating and air conditioning system to “like new” condition, extending its life and saving you money on utility bills.

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Opie’s Family

Check out the money saving comfort wonderland of Opie’s Family TODAY!

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New Systems

Buy it from us and we’ll install your new system with custom ductwork and calibrate it to achieve up to 90% more efficiency than regular units saving you as much on utility bills.


From heating and air conditioning service to home appliance repair…

Opie’s has YOUR back!

  • We believe YOUR home should never go without heat or air conditioning.
  • We believe in answering our phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We believe in arriving on time or you don’t pay for your repair.
  • We believe in giving you free in-home consultations.
  • We believe in giving you all your options, and always shooting straight with you.
  • We believe in spending extra time and our money to get it right, the FIRST time, no matter what.
  • We believe in leaving YOUR home cleaner than when we arrived.
  • We believe in guaranteeing everything we do, 100%.


Call Opie’s TODAY!


YOUR time is more important than ours

We will never hold your day captive with ridiculous 9 to 5pm appointment windows. If we’re not at your door by the time we say, we’ll do the service for FREE! We’ll also respond within an hour of your call if you need emergency service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We Treat Your Home Like Our Own

If we don’t leave your home cleaner than when we found it, the service we just performed for you will also be FREE.


Opiefy Your Life!

With our furnace and air conditioner Opiefications, you’ll never have to worry about breakdowns. Your system will run so efficiently, you’ll be saving big money on utility bills, especially during extreme weather seasons. We’re talking WAY beyond a “tune-up”. We clean every speck of dust, dirt and debris out of your unit which is the most common cause of systemwide breakdown. We’ll check your motors and fans and tighten your unit up tight. We pride ourselves on saving Minnesotans from costly future furnace and air conditioner repairs and replacements.


You Deserve Only The Best

We only hire people with great integrity. They have to be kind and compassionate, but also motivated and detail-oriented. Every one of our employees has a servant’s heart, from the person who answers your call to the technician that solves your problem. We believe learning never ends, so we train every day to be better than the day before.


Free, Straight Shootin’, In-Home Consultations

We’ll come out to your home and give you a free consultation on whatever issue you’re facing. We believe in listening more than we talk, so we’ll give you an honest assessment and cost for fixing the problem once you’ve filled us in. There is absolutely no obligation or pressure to move forward during our free in-home consultation.


We Guarantee Our Work 100%

We stand by every job we do, so if for some reason a repair fails during the current heating or cooling season, we will come back and fix it for FREE. No questions asked. Our air conditioners are also guaranteed for five years, and furnaces are guaranteed for ten years.


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