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Opie’s Angels are back to help some local families in need

We believe it’s important to give to others whenever you can, and we know there are people out there right now that are struggling to keep their families together. So we thought, Opie’s Angels shouldn’t just be something we do once a year at Christmas. It’s for whenever people need a hand up and not a hand out. So please tell us about a family who could really use some help right now.


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Learn about who YOU helped in 2019

Marie is a single mother who left an abusive relationship for the safety of herself and her children. She currently works three jobs to make ends meet, and it seems impossible to be able to afford added expenses like Christmas gifts for her kids. Thanks to Opie’s Angels, she’s able to buy gifts for her children making sure that they have a very merry Christmas. 


Mike and his daughter, Amanda, woke up on August 9th to find out that Amanda’s little sister, Alexis, had taken her own life. After Alexis’ passing, Mike and Amanda set up a foundation for suicide awareness in her name. Opie’s Angels donated $250 to the foundation to help raise awareness for the issue. 


Kristy has stage 3 breast cancer and has been going through chemotherapy for the past 6 months, and has to go through chemotherapy again. She is married, has three boys and is trying really hard to stay positive for them despite her health.

Tammy has a four year old daughter who was recently diagnosed with neuroblastoma, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy and will have surgery and radiation therapy. Opie’s Angels provided Tammy’s daughter with a DVD player, some nightgowns, and some money so that she can have a happy holiday while undergoing treatment, as well as money for her older son who is being a strong big brother for his little sister.